8 Reasons You Should Have a Camera System in Your Restaurant

8 Reasons You Should Have a Camera System in Your Restaurant

Advances in high tech security have made keeping track of your business easier and more affordable then ever. If you run a restaurant here are eight compelling reasons to consider adding a camera system:


Theft can occur in many forms. Staff may be stealing other servers’ tips, be giving away free drinks or food items to friends, walking home with a few beers or a bottle of alcohol from the bar, or they could even be stealing from customers. All of these issues can be caught using camera systems strategically placed throughout your restaurant.

Inappropriate Behaviour

The night life at some restaurants can get a little out of hand. Camera systems can help you keep an eye on things to make sure staff are not indulging in inappropriate behaviour that could be damaging to your restaurant or bar’s reputation. Cameras can help you determine if suspicions or rumors about bad behaviour are founded so you can take action to free yourself of the troublesome team members.

Technology Fraud

Technology such as cell phones and debit machines is used fraudulently everyday. You want to watch for signs of such fraudulent behaviour not only from staff but from patrons as well. There are so many ways people can use these tools to gather personal information.

Shady Dealings

There can be some shady dealings going on that you need to nip in the bud as soon as possible. From chefs taking pay back for using less reputable food suppliers to sommeliers getting in on the action by pushing less desirable wines to customers for “commissions”.


You also want to ensure staff and guests are safe. Camera systems allow you to watch for weapons and threatening behaviour.

Customer Crime

Customers can also be stealing tips, wallets and dashing and dining. Cameras will help you spot trouble makers so they can be handled.

High Tech Service

You can keep track of guests’ needs in busy, larger upscale restaurants and let servers know via headsets or beepers customers need attention or service.

Quality Control

You can ensure best practices are followed in the kitchen and dining room.

Any one of these reasons can justify having camera systems in your restaurant to provide better service and reduce losses.

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