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why upgrade to an ip camera?

Why Upgrade to an IP Camera

As with most electronics, IP cameras were cost-prohibitive and complicated when they were first introduced to commercial markets. Over the past few years however, their costs have come down exponentially while ease-of-use has improved significantly. IP camera systems differ from older closed circuit security systems in that they are capable of sending and receiving data over a network and the Internet. This can provide your business with many advantages that make an upgrade to an IP camera system beneficial.

While the price of an IP camera has come down, there are other considerations that make these camera systems cost-effective as well. Installation requires less infrastructure as captured video is digital and can be saved to any digital recording device such as a computer hard drive or flash drive. An IP system is also scalable to your business requirements. As many as 8 cameras can be installed on one network cable and an infinite number of cameras can be added to a network. Wireless options are also available.

camera system restaurant

8 Reasons You Should Have a Camera System in Your Restaurant

Advances in high tech security have made keeping track of your business easier and more affordable then ever. If you run a restaurant here are eight compelling reasons to consider adding a camera system:


Theft can occur in many forms. Staff may be stealing other servers’ tips, be giving away free drinks or food items to friends, walking home with a few beers or a bottle of alcohol from the bar, or they could even be stealing from customers. All of these issues can be caught using camera systems strategically placed throughout your restaurant.

Inappropriate Behaviour

The night life at some restaurants can get a little out of hand. Camera systems can help you keep an eye on things to make sure staff are not indulging in inappropriate behaviour that could be damaging to your restaurant or bar’s reputation. Cameras can help you determine if suspicions or rumors about bad behaviour are founded so you can take action to free yourself of the troublesome team members.

improve customer satisfaction with camera systems

Improve Customer Satisfaction With Camera Systems

If you’re a manager of any kind, customer satisfaction is likely a top priority, but that doesn’t mean you have the time to address every single problem out there adequately. More often than not, you’re probably busy with many tasks and are unable to monitor the way your staff members handle customers firmly. This is where the real danger lies as, if left unchecked, the behaviour of your employees and the very way the business is run can impact customer satisfaction.

Customers are the life of every business, and without them, your business couldn’t possibly survive. Understandably, you can’t be in two places at one time. If you manage multiple locations, customer satisfaction may fall by the wayside. However, there is a solution that is cost-effective, highly proactive, and designed to combat the issue in a simplified manner.
Camera systems throughout your business are beneficial for multiple reasons. They not only monitor your establishment to ensure that employees are doing their jobs correctly, but they also help to deter theft – even just by being set up and in plain sight.