Why Upgrade to an IP Camera

Why Upgrade to an IP Camera

As with most electronics, IP cameras were cost-prohibitive and complicated when they were first introduced to commercial markets. Over the past few years however, their costs have come down exponentially while ease-of-use has improved significantly. IP camera systems differ from older closed circuit security systems in that they are capable of sending and receiving data over a network and the Internet. This can provide your business with many advantages that make an upgrade to an IP camera system beneficial.

While the price of an IP camera has come down, there are other considerations that make these camera systems cost-effective as well. Installation requires less infrastructure as captured video is digital and can be saved to any digital recording device such as a computer hard drive or flash drive. An IP system is also scalable to your business requirements. As many as 8 cameras can be installed on one network cable and an infinite number of cameras can be added to a network. Wireless options are also available. By eliminating the need for a DVR to record video, three cables per unit to connect and servers to handle the information, IP cameras are providing a significant savings in total ownership cost.

Since IP cameras are fully digital, image clarity is far superior to analog cameras even when recording fast-moving objects or people. Images are crisply recorded frame by frame maintaining the integrity throughout. Also, the high resolution graphics do not have loss of clarity even at great distances. In situations such as loss prevention, or operational improvement, these features can become invaluable to small business.

Unlike older technology, these systems also allow remote access meaning you can access live feeds from anywhere you have an Internet connection. When you take into account that alarms can be put in place to notify you of motion, sound or other activity detected by your cameras, this can not only eliminate suspicious behaviours and halt thieves in their tracks, it can also save you from charges by police services for false alarms.

As experienced professionals in network and IT services, Ottawa-based Revolution Networks can help you assess your requirements in IP camera systems and install a system that provides you with what works best for your business. To review your requirements and goals for your video security system contact us.

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