Why a Restaurant Needs a Proper Network

Why a Restaurant Needs a Proper Network

Who set up your restaurant’s network? If you said your brother or the cook, you are not alone. Many restaurant owners know they need a network to function in today’s world. But, instead of having the network set-up  by professionals, they decide to find someone with a bit of knowledge to get the network up and running. It may be working, but that is not the best solution for any restaurant.

Here are four reasons to have your restaurant’s network installed by experts:


If you accept credit cards, you need a network that has certain security protocols in place. Your customers are relying on you to keep their financial information secure. You could be open to legal liability if someone gets that sensitive information from your unsecured network. The same goes for other sensitive information you send across your network or keep on your computers.


Is your network down half the time? Today, many restaurants use connected computers to handle dining orders, customer check-out, and inventory management, among other functions. If your network is down most of the time, your employees are frustrated at the inconsistency, your customers are tired of waiting for check-out, and your managers are angry at doing inventory completely by hand all the time. Reliability is a must for any restaurant’s network.


Does your network interconnect all the computers and registers in your restaurant? The day of a stand-alone register is starting to wane. Modern restaurant computer systems allow you to connect the kitchen with the dining room with the manager’s office. A modern network is the backbone of these systems.


How easy is it to support your network? Any network needs periodic updates. The process should be fairly simple and easy to do. If your network expert takes down your network for many hours every time an update is necessary, you have a hard-to-maintain network.

If your network is less than reliable, insecure, isolated, and hard to support, you need to bring in network experts who can fix it.

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