Exchange Hosting

A hosted exchange is a service in the telecommunications industry where a provider creates a Microsoft email box and makes space available on a server, which enables for clients to host their data on it. That hosted data is then managed by the provider themselves. This means that businesses who utilize exchange hosting services will have instant access to any data added to this server, all from a highly secure and lightning-fast cloud-based network.

Revolution Networks’ process of exchange hosting helps to keep any business efficient, relevant and future-facing in the wake of a technically ever-changing world. It encourages enhanced collaboration between yourself and your workers by making it as simple as you could ever need it to be. It’s important to have backups of important emails, attachments, and other data in the event of an unexpected failure or technical issue corrupting the original. With Revolution Networks’ exchange hosting services available to you, you receive a cloud-based backup that will migrate all desired data to our carefully maintained server. All company e-mail is processed through our server, keeping it safe and secure every step of the way. This also means that each message is stored in our system so should any meltdowns ever occur, all important communications are backed up with copies.

Once you switch to Revolution Networks’ exchange hosted email service, traditional email services will look and feel stagnant and outdated in comparison – there’s simply no going back once you’ve experienced the blistering speed and high grade of efficiency, not to mention the peace of mind associated with protecting even your most crucial data. If you’re tempted to switch from your current inefficient e-mail service but feel apprehensive due to the complexities of making such a transition, there’s nothing to fear. Thanks to our experienced professionals, migration is quick, painless and even a little bit enjoyable as you discover the highly efficient and streamlined services exchange hosting can provide your business.

To recap, here are the benefits of exchange hosting through Revolution Networks:

  • Streamlined productivity and enhanced communication
  • Migration of data to cloud-based server for backup and protection
  • Fast, efficient and expertly maintained server/network infrastructure
  • Future-proof your business with an all-digital solution

Are you looking for a leap forward in email communications, archiving and data protection rolled all into one package? Give us at Revolution Networks a call or contact us via email today to learn how we can revolutionize your business productivity, all from a server at the capable hands of our knowledgeable experts.

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