Windows 7 Support Ends in 2020. Are You Prepared?

Windows 7 Support Ends in 2020. Are You Prepared?

For many businesses, it’s the end of an era. Windows 7, long counted on as a more suitable alternative to Windows 10 for many organizations running legacy hardware and software, will no longer be supported by Microsoft after January 14, 2020. Many Revolution Networks clients trust this older version of the iconic operating system for a number of reasons, including its dependability, performance, and user-friendliness. Why is this happening, and what can your business do to navigate the seas of change? Let’s take a deeper look and face the future together.

Why is it Happening?

All operating systems are built around predetermined lifecycles. With that in mind, it’s a normal process for breakthroughs in software and hardware to demand updated operating systems that can take advantage of new innovations. However, the primary reason Windows 7 is being put out to pasture is security. Malware and other forms of viral code are vastly different today than they were ten years ago, meaning outdated software is much more likely to trigger an attack.

cloud-based solutions for small businesses

6 Ways Cloud-Based Computing Helps Small Businesses Succeed

We live in an age of constant connectivity, with many business operations migrating to the digital, always-online landscape. Unlike the old days when physically storing files and having more space was a must, today we have the luxury of cloud-based backups, file servers, VoIP networks and much more. Today, let’s take a closer look at some fundamental ways cloud-based computing helps smaller businesses gain a stronger foothold in their respective industries.

Storage and Space

One of the most significant benefits associated with cloud computing is storage. Simply put, space costs a lot of money, and many small businesses are at risk of failing if they can’t balance the books efficiently. With cloud-based storage and server systems, less space is needed, helping you reduce the size of your required square footage. Additionally, small businesses with a lot of clients can worry less about losing sensitive or important data, as everything is migrated to the cloud for secure, encrypted remote storage.


Cloud networking allows for increased growth potential by reducing instances of error.

5 Ways to Enhance Office Efficiency

5 Ways to Enhance Office Efficiency

Office life typically involves using specialized equipment and computer systems, dealing with cumbersome network infrastructure, and sometimes just hoping it all stays together. However, there are some great ways you can help your team work more efficiently by minimizing frustrations and maximizing business potential. With the investment of time, a bit of money, and dedication, your office can be even more productive, leading to greater success in the long run. Today, let’s look at five fundamental ways to enhance office efficiency.

Scheduled “Email Time”

Setting aside a specified period of time each day to go through emails is a far more beneficial process than checking on things throughout the day as you try to focus on other tasks. This also ensures that you don’t miss any important emails that could otherwise be buried or forgotten. Scheduled email times are a great way to set aside enough time to focus on the day’s work, free of inbox-associated interruptions.

Reduced Wire Clutter

If you have employees fumbling with spiderwebs of computer cables to find that one connection,

Our Picks for the Top 5 Best Business Laptops of 2018

Our Picks for the Top 5 Best Business Laptops of 2018

At Revolution Networks, we believe in making everyday operations for business owners and their employees more efficient, in turn benefiting the customer experience. We’ve spent many years in the field and worked with a wide array of computer systems as a result, and with many businesses implementing practices such as remote commuting, travelling employees, and incorporating mobile workstation setups, the laptop continues to be an important and valuable asset, if not more so now than ever. Our team has combed through the latest systems on the market, and we’ve compiled a list of the five best business laptops. Here they are, in order from fifth place to our number one spot.

5: Microsoft Surface Book 2 (13.5-Inch)

With a battery you can’t kill quickly, a detachable high-resolution 13.5-inch display that functions as a tablet, and full compatibility with Microsoft’s incredibly precise Surface Pen, the Surface Book 2 is currently one of the most powerful 2-in-1 laptops in the world, and it has far fewer cons as a result other than the price.

Travelling? Here’s How You Can Protect Your Business Abroad

Travelling? Here’s How You Can Protect Your Business Abroad

During the winter, many business owners and higher-ups travel for a variety of reasons. Whether to make future-facing deals, take a breather on a warm beach, or for a combination of both, your data is still at risk when you travel – more so when in another country. Many business operators feel that it is more difficult to remain protected while abroad, and depending on where you go, that is correct. However, there are a few key ways you can protect your confidential business when you travel. Here are our suggestions.

Back Up Sensitive Data Before Leaving

Regardless of whether your business automatically backs up server files or if you keep all of your sensitive data on one convenient mobile device such as a laptop, it is crucial to back up everything before you depart for your trip. Be sure to either upload to the server or store your data in an offline external hard drive in the event that any devices you have with you while away are compromised.

Revolution Networks Welcomes new vCIO, Tony Silva

Revolution Networks Welcomes New vCIO, Tony Silva

Revolution Networks Welcomes new vCIO, Tony SilvaRevolution Networks is proud and delighted to welcome yet another experienced IT professional to our team. Tony Silva will be joining us as our new vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer), bringing us over 20 years of experience in IT and IT Management. He has spent many years designing and implementing support solutions for all sorts of clients – from mom and pop shops to multi-million-dollar military contracts. Tony spent several years in Portugal to pursue his IT education, and at that time he managed the IT services for an electrical company before moving on to other projects. One of these was the implementation of the Citizens Store, a one-stop shop that was the Portuguese equivalent of service Canada, where people could renew identification such as passports and health cards.

Tony then moved to Canada, where he spent his time supporting servers for HP/Compaq before becoming a consultant and implementing the networking infrastructure at CIDA. Tony has been the IT manager for Mattamy Homes,

4 Ways for Your Business to Be More Productive on Windows 10

4 Ways for Your Business to Be More Productive on Windows 10

At Revolution Networks, we understand all too well the need to make your business operate as efficiently as possible. It only makes sense that this extends to your computer systems and, specifically, their operating systems. Windows 10 is one of the most streamlined and reliable ones out there, the prime and only candidate for most businesses aiming to get things done as simply and quickly as possible. However, there are some tricks you can use to multitask and be even more productive on Windows 10, and here are a few key ones to get you started.


Snap Assist

To avoid having to switch between open windows, losing precious time, try making the very most of your screen real estate with Windows 10’s Snap Assist feature. To do this, simply drag a window to one of your screen’s side edges and it will auto-snap to your desktop. Your other recent windows will then be displayed as thumbnails in the other half of the display,

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer System

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer System

Regardless whether you operate a small or large business, having a computer system that is reliable, efficient, and fast is essential in order to keep pace in the modern always-online world we live and work in. There are many ways you can speed up your system that are cost-effective, proven to work, and utilized by many businesses and individuals. Here are five ways you can get your system to perform better than ever before.


Uninstall Unused Programs

If you have applications on your computer that have been sitting there unused for months, chances are you won’t need to use them again for some time. Many users don’t consider this, but even if a program isn’t in use, it still secretly functions in order to receive online updates, scan files and perform other background tasks. This means that if you have a multitude of programs installed that are going unused, they’re taking a collectively large bite out of your system’s performance. Uninstall what you don’t use,

Eddy Abounehme Honoured Among Ottawa’s 2017 Forty Under 40

Eddy Abounehme Honoured Among Ottawa’s 2017 Forty Under 40

We are excited to announce that Revolution Networks’ President Eddy Abounehme has been named one of Ottawa’s Forty Under 40 recipients. The honour, presented in partnership by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce and Ottawa Business Journal, recognizes the contributions and accomplishments of our capital city’s top business leaders aged 40 and under.

Selected from a competitive pool of over 200 stellar nominees, Eddy Abouneheme was recognized for his business leadership and success as President of RevNet and CEO of seoplus+, which was also recently ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in Ottawa in 2017.

The judging panel was composed of Ottawa’s top names and most accomplished leaders in business, law, media, and publications. Eddy was honoured based on their evaluation of his business accomplishments, professional expertise, and communtiy involvement right here in the city of Ottawa.

Business Leadership and Success

Eddy was recognized for his succsesful leadership with the local IT service provider, RevNet. Under Eddy’s guidance,

4 Signs your Computer has a Viral Infection

4 Signs your Computer has a Viral Infection

In today’s always-online society, viruses are commonplace. Everything from Twitter to CBC News comment sections can be hiding a nasty surprise in plain sight, and countless people fall victim to computer infections every year. When an unsuspecting employee downloads a virus, the consequences for the network can be devastating. While it’s impossible to guarantee absolute immunity to all the risks out there, here are a few signs that your system has an unwelcome visitor.

Unexpected toolbar additions and strange browser tweaks.

Strange new additions to your browser such as plugins, toolbar additions, and tweaks to your settings that you didn’t make are dead giveaways. Also, be wary of browser home page changes and odd pop-up messages that make little to no sense to you. Avoid websites filled to the brim with copy-pasted clickbait and dozens of ads. Public file-sharing sites are a huge no-no as well.

You’re using an anti-antiviral system.

It goes without saying that viruses are engineered to bypass antiviral programs such as Norton 360 as best as possible,