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6 Ways Having a Reliable IT Company Can Save Your Business

Most businesses cannot survive without I.T. support. If you are working without the expertise of an I.T. support team you are wasting valuable time and money. Here are six reasons you need a reliable I.T. company to save your business:

Customer Service

When something goes wrong (and something always seems to go wrong) you are on your own. Most businesses today are reliant on their technology as the main line of communication with their customers. When you have a system that goes down and you are left to fumble with your team to resolve the issue you are wasting valuable time that could be better spent assisting customers and fulfilling orders. Every second your system is down is time away from your customers.

Customer Experience

Your customer’s experience can be greatly enhanced with the use of technology. I.T. support can ensure your customers are able to access the technology you are providing without any issues. Whether it is an online chat,

why a restaurant needs a proper network

Why a Restaurant Needs a Proper Network

Who set up your restaurant’s network? If you said your brother or the cook, you are not alone. Many restaurant owners know they need a network to function in today’s world. But, instead of having the network set-up  by professionals, they decide to find someone with a bit of knowledge to get the network up and running. It may be working, but that is not the best solution for any restaurant.

Here are four reasons to have your restaurant’s network installed by experts:


If you accept credit cards, you need a network that has certain security protocols in place. Your customers are relying on you to keep their financial information secure. You could be open to legal liability if someone gets that sensitive information from your unsecured network. The same goes for other sensitive information you send across your network or keep on your computers.


Is your network down half the time? Today,

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How IT Consulting Can Help You Save Money

You are always looking for ways to save money for your business. You also are juggling an awful lot of balls, some of them a little out of your area of expertise, like for example IT. Speaking to an IT consulting company may uncover a few hidden gems for saving money. If you find this hard to believe, read on.

The More You Know

Speaking with an IT consulting company will be of benefit in two ways initially:

1) You will find out exactly what they can do for you.

2) They will enlighten you on a lot of IT details you probably did not know existed.

This helps you because you may discover they can provide services of which you are unaware as well as give you a scary overview of how little you know. All this will take place before you have dropped a dime into their pockets. You will learn this at your first meeting when they come in and present you with the services they can provide.

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6 Reasons You Need a Managed Services Plan for Your I.T.

The I.T. demands of any business, no matter how big or small, can eventually start to take a toll on your efficiency and productivity.  As your business grows you may find your resources are being stretched in an effort to use current staff to assist you with your I.T. demands, or worse you are spreading yourself thin trying to do it on your own.  Here are six practical reasons your business needs an I.T. managed services plan.

Customer Service

Your business depends on your clients and customers to pay your bills. If you are unable to provide the service your clients demand they will start to bail on you.  You may get away with a few glitches, but if it continues you will start to frustrate your clients. You can also reach many more new customers with an efficient, professional website as well as provide real time service solutions with automated customer service tools. All of these things require I.T. experts for perfect function and accessibility for staff and clients.

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Cut I.T. Costs with an I.T. Support Plan

Having an I.T. support plan may sound expensive but it can actually save you money.  If you are worried I.T. support only comes in one size fits all options, think again.  I.T. support is a booming business full of customized, affordable solutions.

Custom Plans

Customized I.T. support plans offer you the exact services you require. You can work with a team as big or small as you require and you can opt for 24/7 support at far more affordable prices than you would have to pay full-time staff.

Your Only In-house Option

The only way you can ensure your in-house support team is working, would be to have 24-7 scheduling, to avoid real emergencies when they arise.  A support plan includes proactive services to help you avoid emergencies and down time that eats into your staff’s wages and keeps you from being in constant contact with clients.

Emergency I.T. Stash

Without a support plan you really have to consider putting away a little (or a lot) of cash. 

When the Demands of the Extended Enterprise Surface

About 15 years ago, the corporate world was buzzing about the “extended enterprise.” The “extended enterprise,” which grew concurrently with the rise of IT outsourcing, expanded the traditional idea of the corporate network to include suppliers, vendors, and partners. No longer was the typical corporate network relegated to the “four walls” of the enterprise. Rather, the network morphed into a sprawling, ever-changing ecosystem consisting of various partners, intranets, and telecommuters – and with it, an incredible amount of complexity and security risk.

Large corporations generally had the resources to build out these enormous networks and the supplemental needs that came with it: identity management software, security tools, and cloud-based capabilities. But now the demands of the extended enterprise are revealing themselves to smaller companies as well. The typical small IT shop now finds itself working with dozens of partners and vendors, yet they often lack the time and network design/build capabilities to manage an efficient and secure network.

As any network administrator knows,


What are Managed Services?

Developing technology means ever-expanding options, time-saving solutions and new cost efficiencies for your business.  Unfortunately, as that technology becomes more complex, it also requires more skilled personnel to keep it in good running order.  Once you become dependent on technology, you can’t afford glitches or downtime. It is critical that you have the right people maintaining your network, monitoring your systems and securing your data.  For many companies, managed services offer an affordable and reliable means of keeping their systems running smoothly.

Understanding Managed Services

Managed services refers to a system by which you hire an outside IT company to handle specific aspects of your technological upkeep, such as network monitoring, maintenance, data back-up and security updates.  When you rely on in-house staff or an hourly outside consultant, you generally have two options: pay high prices just in case something goes wrong, or risk extended downtime when a problem occurs.

Managed services typically operate on a subscription basis, with different tiers available to suit the needs of different businesses. 

backing up is essential

Backing Up is Essential

If you have ever forgotten to back something up on your personal computer, you know that will probably only ever happen to you once! If you run a business, it is simply unthinkable that this could happen and any data might be lost forever.

Backing up is essential. Hiring a backup service to do remote backup for a lot of businesses is a way to sort of set it and forget it. Because there is no manually backing up of the data there is no forgetting about it getting done; backups are automatic each day (or several times per day depending on how large the business).

If you are searching for a service to back up your data, make sure they encrypt the data that is being sent over the Internet to insure even more security. Moving unencrypted information including customer data and financial information increases the risk and likelihood that this information could be leaked. You do not want your business to ever have to think about this risk.

How to Keep Your Passwords Safe

You can keep your company’s data well protected with Remote Backup. Secure passwords are also important, whether at work or at home.

More of our everyday life, from shopping to banking, from paying bills to playing games, is done online. Trying to keep track of a dozen complex passwords, however, is the digital equivalent of herding cats.

The one-person, one-password approach is not the answer. If hackers get that password, they get them all.

There are better strategies for password security:

1. Password vaulting. A master password gives you access to an encrypted database containing all of your passwords. There are several popular vaults, some are free downloads, and many can automatically fill in your password information when you are online.

2. Make a list. Create a password-protected Microsoft Word document or Excel spreadsheet. This way you only have to remember one password.

3. Write it on paper.

choices in network support

Choices in Network Support

Non-profit organizations need to be very selective with the folks whom they hire to do their good work. Positions are streamlined and sometimes many folks wear many different hats. Network Support will be needed but being able to hire a computer technician may not be feasible. Small businesses or non-profit organizations will most likely have to outsource their network support and there are several ways to do that that is more economically sound.

Hiring a technician from off-site to come to the building is still the most popular choice. Having a trained professional in the building to answer questions and listen to what the problem is, is simply easier.

Remote desktop support is also one of the fastest ways for someone to provide IT assistance and network support to a smaller organization. The person doesn’t physically have to be in the building, which can make for a faster response time.

Another option is ph support; however, for many companies this way is just too time-consuming.