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IT Services for Medical Facilities

Operating a medical facility is no easy feat, especially when the demand for critical patient care and other services has never been higher. If your facility needs IT services for medical offices, labs, or other related environments, turn to Revolution Networks for peace of mind and reliable, effective solutions that respect your requirements and budget.</p

What is IT Support?

IT means information technology and, as such, IT support refers to the installation, maintenance, and repair of hardware and software solutions. Our approach to IT support goes even further, offering up learning opportunities for your staff to ensure that any technologies we implement are able to integrate with your operations seamlessly. This means verifying that all staff handling specific systems will know how to make full use of them, flag and report issues, and more.

What Medical Businesses Can We Help With?

Our team at RevNet delivers state-of-the-art, hassle-free, and highly reliable IT solutions that scale with your operations. We’ve assisted clients in a variety of applications, including many related to healthcare. These medical businesses can include walk-in clinics, hospitals, dermatologists, dentists, optometrists, and various other specialty operations.

Why Should Medical Businesses Have IT Services?

Cyber security protects sensitive patient and clinical data. Streamlined, permissions-managed access to software updates, files, and records. The ability to save precious time – and potentially lives – by having the ideal hardware, software, and networking solutions in place and working together correctly. These are just some of the benefits associated with having dedicated IT services. The more complex your operations are, the more room there is for improvements when it comes to efficiency, data security, and traffic management. At the same time, it’s important to be able to fend off various risks, such as natural disasters demanding faster-than-ever failovers or cyber-attacks that siphon unencrypted data. We can address these issues and many more.

What Can RevNet Help You With?

On that note, here are several ways that we may be able to help maximize the potential of your medical operations, depending on your application, budget, needs, and operating capacity:

  • Dedicated IT consulting to help train/educate/inform staff on best practices and compliance
  • Best-in-class, highly proactive hardware and software security as well as dedicated monitoring
  • Disaster recovery with faster failovers, leading to significantly reduced downtime during a crisis
  • Software and hardware updates, vulnerability and error scans, risk assessments, and incident reporting
  • Implementing infrastructural standards that are fully compliant with all governing bodies/regulations/laws
  • In-person and remote support, diagnostics, and planning
  • Network design, implementation, and testing

Why Choose Us?

Your infrastructure should have a clean bill of health. This is what your staff and, more importantly, your patients rightfully deserve. We don’t believe in taking chances here at RevNet; our approach to all IT services is to be thorough, fully compliant and risk-aware, considerate, and efficient. We only suggest what will make sense for your specific operating environment and circumstances, our team is highly technically skilled as well as friendly and supportive, and we stand by everything we do.

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