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At Revolution Networks, we know what it takes to conceptualize and implement the right IT infrastructure for any business. However, that’s not enough. Plans change, as do needs, operating parameters, and those pesky cyber threats. Stay ahead of the curve with our dedicated IT consulting services, designed specifically to get to the root of process-related issues, assess your circumstances, and make appropriate fixes.

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IT Assessments

Need help keeping your infrastructure secure, performant, and effective? We’re here to help. Our dedicated IT assessments analyze every inner working of your current setup, data from which is consulted in making informed recommendations.
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VCTO/VCIO Services

If you need a hand with any aspect of your operations, our vCIOs/vCTOs offer ample assistance and professional guidance. Whether you need to optimize your online presence or bolster your communications standards, we’ll ensure that you’re able to make the right calls.
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Disaster Recovery Planning

In the event of a disaster, remote backup recovery times – otherwise known as failovers – are crucial. Our approach to disaster recovery is highly proactive, taking no chances with the core fundamentals of your business while streamlining recovery as much as possible.

Why Choose Revolution Networks?

Whether you need to make future-facing changes to your network cabling, prepare equipment for remote deployment, or adjust your IT management strategy to scale with your business, it’s best to lean on the informed guidance of dedicated technicians. With our experience and wide range of capabilities in the field, Revolution Networks is your one-stop shop for IT consulting in Ottawa. With our knowledge, insights, and expertise, everything from mitigating risks to maximizing communications efficiency is entirely possible when working with us.

Pairing Your Team with the Right Technical and Planning Solutions

Our IT consulting services are designed to be risk-aware, preventative, and capable of digging deep to the root of any process-related issues. We cover all the details, ensuring you can cover all your bases.

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Informed Service

With constant training in new, proven methods, our team stays ahead of the curve.

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Experienced and Dependable

Revolution Networks has several decades of collective experience in IT management and consulting.

Take Your Operations Further

We work hard to ensure your IT infrastructure and any connected processes are streamlined and cohesive, and we also ensure there’s room for growth. Scalability is important for any business, regardless of its industry, making it easier to accommodate for ever-changing needs of employees and customers alike. With Revolution Networks, your business and its infrastructure are prepared not only for today’s operating requirements, but also for tomorrows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guesstimating is never a good idea when the need arises to plan out an IT strategy. Not making fully informed or risk-aware decisions, instead relying on limited insights, can cause all sorts of issues for your operations, especially if you and your team aren’t too familiar with IT and cybersecurity best practices. Some of these issues can include opening up your employees, clients, and their data to cyber criminals, which can result in violating privacy compliance agreements and even specific laws. Not only that, but without dedicated consulting services, there’s a chance that minor bugs, weak spots in security, or pressing system maintenance needs could slip below the radar.

Whether your business needs a stable, secure network connection for employees or clients, or utilizes dedicated hardware and software, we’re an ideal choice. We aim to help maximize your efficiency, digital safety, and system scalability to accommodate projected growth. In turn, this helps keep operating costs under control while your company’s goals are more easily attainable with the right hardware, software, and networking solutions.

Maintaining compliance with specific regulations and laws means adhering to their requirements. An unsecured network connection, ineffective permissions handling or outdated software runs the risk of violating these agreements. Our IT consulting services are proactive and agile, helping rectify small problems before they become major issues. Depending on your operations, industry, and application, maintaining compliance can mean everything from securing funding to grants and even being permitted to stay open.

The approximate cost of our services will vary based on a variety of factors. These include the time we need to log to fully assist you, the complexity of the issues at hand, the resources required to provide support, and more. As a result, we’re happy to perform a free site audit and discuss your infrastructural needs together. Afterwards, we’ll be able to provide a clearer picture of the approximate costs for our consulting services.

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