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High-performance, cost-effective cloud solutions for your local business

Streamlined Efficiency

Ottawa Businesses, Welcome to Cloud-Based Convenience

At Revolution Networks, we put the needs of local businesses first in tandem with up-to-date employee training. As such, migrating to the cloud doesn’t mean making sacrifices when you choose us. Our dedicated managed IT cloud services, complete with best-in-class network support, ensure a seamless and convenient experience that can also reduce internal IT overhead. Along with 24/7 active network monitoring, platform exchange hosting, and security-first data migration practices, we take no chances when it comes to futureproofing your business from a cost control and productivity standpoint. Best of all, day-to-day disruption to your operations is kept at a minimum.

Explore our suite of cloud services for Ottawa-area clients today.

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Microsoft Office 365

Discover new ways to work together and innovate with the help of our dedicated software experts. We’re happy to assist with everything from onsite software installations and updates to virtual desktop integrations, remote deployment solutions, and much more. Connect and collaborate with greater efficiency.
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Managed Workstation

Protect your users from security vulnerabilities, permissions-related issues, and compatibility problems. Whether for dedicated onsite hardware, remotely deployed systems or otherwise, our team applies proactivity and care to each managed workstation.
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Remote Backup

Safeguard your data with end-to-end encryption, plus optimizations for faster failovers. Improving times in this way contributes towards more effective disaster recovery, helping your business resume operations to keep system failure-related costs at a minimum.
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Gone are the days where a standard antiviral software could be installed in a “set it and forget it” manner. Cyber threats are smarter and, thankfully, so are our solutions. Our approach to cyber security is airtight, monitoring your infrastructure on a 24/7 basis while remaining fully aware of the latest emerging threats.
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Network Monitoring

Whether someone’s trying to fiddle with user permissions, steal data or otherwise, we take no chances when monitoring your network. In addition, we ensure everything is performing as it should when it comes to uptime, bandwidth, network traffic flow, and otherwise.
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Exchange Hosting

Exchange hosting is a fundamental element of any IT overhaul, safeguarding your data and archiving capabilities while streamlining communications efficiency. Leave nothing to chance while ensuring you are never kept out of the loop. Our processes, work ethic, techniques and talent combine to ensure optimal results.

Protect Your Business, Modernize Your Processes, and Prepare for Tomorrow

Our cloud services approach at Revolution Networks considers your specific operational needs and concerns, then builds out an appropriate strategy. We only recommend what is sensible for you.

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Informed Implementation

Our team loves to learn. We stay up to date on the latest innovations, threats, and much more.

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User-Friendly Migrations

We work closely with your own team to ensure they can remain focused on their roles.

Smarter Optimizations, Stronger Operations

Revolution Networks knows all too well the importance of keeping your business optimized. Technologies change, new innovations are developed, and pre-existing network infrastructures gradually become outdated in many businesses over time. Combined with continually evolving threats in the form of new viruses and spam code, it can be difficult for a local business of any size to feel that they can remain in top form. With the degradation of networks comes reduced productivity, greater stresses on employee welfare and workplace output, and slower growth as the rest of the world continues to modernize.

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