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Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam Services

Today’s cyber threats are smarter than yesterday’s standard antiviral software. Ramp up your security with RevNet!

Smarter, More Adaptive Security

We Plan for Today and Tomorrow

Baked-in antiviral and anti-spam software doesn’t cut it nowadays. Our preventative services analyze and protect against the latest threats and malicious exploits.

Protection Without Sacrificing Productivity

Our approach to anti-virus and anti-spam services doesn’t interfere with the day-to-day operations of business clients. Focus on your team’s daily to-dos without security protocols getting in the way.

Standard Software is Not Enough

In our modernized and always-online world, it’s difficult to fend off viruses, spam, and other digital threats, especially as malicious code is continuously updated to bypass the digital barriers set up by antiviral and other software companies through regular patches. Even if you have the latest and most up-to-date antiviral software, it doesn’t mean that you’re fully protected against the innumerable viral threats out there on the internet.

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Dedicated Analytics and Monitoring

By utilizing our in-depth and analytic network security services, your e-mail system will not only be organized but carefully guarded. We incorporate meticulous monitoring and scanning procedures to track and trace every download and upload, as well as connection changes. Our antiviral and anti-spam services are designed to keep your email system clean, organized and free of malicious content. Highly efficient and protective of your sensitive data, they work in tandem with the alertness of your employees to ensure a safe, healthy and proactive network environment in your company.

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