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Telephone Support Services

When we’re on the other end, you’re never alone in rectifying operational issues

Friendly, Dependable Assistance

Whatever the Problem, We’ll Help Solve it

Should you need help with improving an operational process related to your IT infrastructure, encounter an update bug or otherwise, we’re here for you.

Time and Resource Efficient

With well-informed assistance, we help mitigate a wide range of IT complications so you can get back to your day-to-day operations with peace of mind.

Ready When You Need Us

We don’t clock out early on Fridays. We don’t leave you guessing. And, above all else, we don’t give up. Our team at Revolution Networks prioritizes attentiveness and consideration to every support request, ensuring you receive the information you need without any needless complexities.

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Preventative Guidance

When we walk you through the steps of a fix over the phone, we ensure you and your team fully understand what we’re talking about. There’s no room for guesswork, especially in dire circumstances, such as when you’re trying to fix an issue quickly on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend! We instruct you in a well-informed, preventative, and patient manner and are happy to re-explain any steps as needed.

A Team You Can Trust, Time and Time Again

Many Revolution Networks clients come back to us for phone support several times a year, sometimes more frequently because they know they can count on our expertise. We’re proud to be one of the most respected and trusted IT support service providers in the Ottawa area.

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Listening Comes Standard

We let you do the talking so we can better understand your situation, after which we can make smarter suggestions.

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Decades of Collective Experience

When you call us, you’re speaking to real IT veterans who will make well-informed suggestions.

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Data Privacy

We prioritize the safeguarding of private information related to your business, taking no risks.

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Applicable to Many Situations

From bug-fixing to compatibility troubleshooting, we’re glad to assist.

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