Travelling? Here’s How You Can Protect Your Business Abroad

Travelling? Here’s How You Can Protect Your Business Abroad

During the winter, many business owners and higher-ups travel for a variety of reasons. Whether to make future-facing deals, take a breather on a warm beach, or for a combination of both, your data is still at risk when you travel – more so when in another country. Many business operators feel that it is more difficult to remain protected while abroad, and depending on where you go, that is correct. However, there are a few key ways you can protect your confidential business when you travel. Here are our suggestions.

Back Up Sensitive Data Before Leaving

Regardless of whether your business automatically backs up server files or if you keep all of your sensitive data on one convenient mobile device such as a laptop, it is crucial to back up everything before you depart for your trip. Be sure to either upload to the server or store your data in an offline external hard drive in the event that any devices you have with you while away are compromised.

why upgrade to an ip camera?

Why Upgrade to an IP Camera

As with most electronics, IP cameras were cost-prohibitive and complicated when they were first introduced to commercial markets. Over the past few years however, their costs have come down exponentially while ease-of-use has improved significantly. IP camera systems differ from older closed circuit security systems in that they are capable of sending and receiving data over a network and the Internet. This can provide your business with many advantages that make an upgrade to an IP camera system beneficial.

While the price of an IP camera has come down, there are other considerations that make these camera systems cost-effective as well. Installation requires less infrastructure as captured video is digital and can be saved to any digital recording device such as a computer hard drive or flash drive. An IP system is also scalable to your business requirements. As many as 8 cameras can be installed on one network cable and an infinite number of cameras can be added to a network. Wireless options are also available.

protecting your computer from viruses

Protecting Your Computer from Viruses

With hackers and programmers becoming more proficient with creating viruses and trojans that can cause millions of dollars in damages, it is more important than ever to ensure your systems security is top-notch and your computer is protected from viruses. While it used to be limited to the challenge of destroying operating systems or wreaking havoc, cyber-crime has evolved to include identify theft, financial fraud and other serious losses. In a cyber-crime report prepared by Norton in 2011, 431 million victims worldwide lost 388 billion dollars combined due to cyber-crime.

When investing in antivirus protection for your systems there are some key things to look for. In order to remain effective, antivirus software must be updated on a regular basis. At the very least this should be done weekly but it can take some time to load the files. Many good programs will automate this process so that is one consideration when purchasing protection. The other factors are the cost and the availability of tech support should a problem arise.

how you protect yourself from hackers

How to Protect Yourself from Hackers

Accessing the internet without proper protection is essentially leaving the doors of your business wide open when you leave for the day. What many business owners do not realize is regardless of the size of your business, you are a potential target for hackers. Credit card information, banking details and identity theft are common goals for these unsavoury types. With such attacks becoming easier for hackers as they develop new technology, it is more important than ever to protect yourself.

Although it is tempting to use the same password for all of your online activities, this is something you should never do. Passwords should be unique for each login you use and they should be lengthy and difficult to figure out. The harder a hacker has to work to try to get access to your information, the less likely they are to bother with your business. Since they have programs that can run thousands of password combinations in minutes, the longer and more difficult your passwords are,


How to Properly Provide Your Customers with Safe Wifi

At any given time you can look around at people and find many are using their smartphones or tablets to access the internet and message their friends. When users are not connected to a wireless hotspot, they use their data portion of their wireless plan. If you offer free WiFi access at your place of business you have the opportunity to provide a value-added service for your current customers, and a draw to attract new ones.

Another benefit to offering free WiFi to your customers is having the potential to build a database to use for marketing purposes. Customers have to log in and provide simple information such as their names, ages, genders and email addresses the first time they use WiFi services from your place of business. You can provide an option for them to opt in to receive future contact from you which will allow you to connect with them personally and send them newsletters or promotional emails to encourage them to return to your business.

how strong are your passwords?

How Strong Are Your Passwords?

As you may have read in the news, thousands of passwords worldwide have been hacked, leaving sensitive information vulnerable to theft. Hackers are becoming more proficient at creating programs designed to run dictionary words and common combinations against passwords; they can scan through thousands in just minutes. In order to protect your sensitive information from these online thieves and increase systems security, it is critical to develop unique passwords for every application or website you log in to. How strong are your passwords? Will they stand up to the programs hackers are developing?

A common mistake people make is choosing what they believe is a difficult password and using it for all of their applications and sites. While it may be somewhat tedious, creating a unique password for each instance is extremely important to protect your data. Should a hacker manage to figure out the password you use for everything you do online, they will have a wealth of sensitive information about you including but not limited to banking information,