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6 Ways Cloud-Based Computing Helps Small Businesses Succeed

We live in an age of constant connectivity, with many business operations migrating to the digital, always-online landscape. Unlike the old days when physically storing files and having more space was a must, today we have the luxury of cloud-based backups, file servers, VoIP networks and much more. Today, let’s take a closer look at some fundamental ways cloud-based computing helps smaller businesses gain a stronger foothold in their respective industries.

Storage and Space

One of the most significant benefits associated with cloud computing is storage. Simply put, space costs a lot of money, and many small businesses are at risk of failing if they can’t balance the books efficiently. With cloud-based storage and server systems, less space is needed, helping you reduce the size of your required square footage. Additionally, small businesses with a lot of clients can worry less about losing sensitive or important data, as everything is migrated to the cloud for secure, encrypted remote storage.


Cloud networking allows for increased growth potential by reducing instances of error.

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Why Are Cloud Based Solutions So Popular?

At one time, cloud based computing seemed to be something unfathomable or not at all safe for a business owner to consider. According to experts, businesses will spend greater than 40 percent more on cloud computing services in 2015 over the roughly 100 billion dollars spent in 2014. Considering how quickly the industry is growing, one has to wonder why are cloud based solutions so popular?


Perhaps the most important facet of cloud computing for business owners is the ability to scale cloud solutions to the requirements of their operations. When business is at a low point and less storage is required, it is not necessary to maintain a large capacity for storage in the event that business grows or increases rapidly. As a business grows, the need for a large cash outlay for computer infrastructure to handle the growth is also redundant since you can easily increase the number of users, the amount of storage and other requirements through your cloud service provider.