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6 Ways Cloud-Based Computing Helps Small Businesses Succeed

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We live in an age of constant connectivity, with many business operations migrating to the digital, always-online landscape. Unlike the old days when physically storing files and having more space was a must, today we have the luxury of cloud-based backups, file servers, VoIP networks and much more. Today, let’s take a closer look at some fundamental ways cloud-based computing helps smaller businesses gain a stronger foothold in their respective industries.

Storage and Space

One of the most significant benefits associated with cloud computing is storage. Simply put, space costs a lot of money, and many small businesses are at risk of failing if they can’t balance the books efficiently. With cloud-based storage and server systems, less space is needed, helping you reduce the size of your required square footage. Additionally, small businesses with a lot of clients can worry less about losing sensitive or important data, as everything is migrated to the cloud for secure, encrypted remote storage.


Cloud networking allows for increased growth potential by reducing instances of error. As opposed to physical files and paperwork that can be a chore to navigate, cloud-based computing presents a more elegant and streamlined solution. Now, you can just search for the name of the file you need and pull it from the cloud onto your desktop to open it – no more wasting time rifling through filing cabinets. This will make any small business far more efficient, which is particularly important when trying to grow in an industry full of competitors.


Cloud-based computing allows for plenty of cost savings – from storage to maintenance and more – and these funds can add up. Therefore, some of what a business would typically spend on maintaining operations can be more efficiently allocated towards growing. Examples include bringing on new employees, investing in marketing strategies and campaigns as well as increasing productivity, just to name a few.


The ability to enhance cloud networking as a company grows and develops is hugely beneficial. For instance, if you encounter a lull in sales, it’s easy to scale back to smaller storage capacities to save money, among other cost-saving changes. When you experience full-on growth and a spike in demand, then it’s time to expand the services you use for added traction in the market.

Data Recovery

Every small business’ nightmare is losing invaluable data, which can mean certain failure for some new start-ups hedging their bets on everything they have so far. In the event of a natural disaster, robbery, power outage or system failure, is your business adequately prepared to save what matters? Cloud storage is the ideal solution, automatically refreshing to ensure the information preserved digitally is the most up-to-date. Everything from receipts to client information and whitepapers can be protected – in turn protecting the well-being of your company. Cloud storage’s proactive nature will help you maintain operations and stability in the face of unexpected circumstances.

Mobile Accessibility

If you’re a small business who works out in the field, such as a landscaping company, then you know how important it is to have remote access to your data. Cloud storage through services such as OneDrive and Dropbox can achieve this in a highly secure format that is easy to use. This way, you can work in-person with clients without skipping a beat, staying informed on the latest updates, requests and essential files for better all-around service and flexibility.

Cloud connectivity is all about convenience, streamlining processes to help any business become more efficient, flexible, productive, and successful. With smaller businesses when every dollar makes a difference, it is a tremendous benefit in many ways. For more information about implementing this innovative technology to maximize the potential of your business, contact us at Revolution Networks today. We’d be happy to implement an ideal solution.

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