Tony Silva, Author at RevNet

9 Cyber Security Tips For Your Business And Employees

A growing number of businesses have moved or increased their operations online over the past few years. While this has boosted remote and hybrid work opportunities and proven to be an agile advantage, it’s also raised concerns regarding cyber security. The data your company uses and works with is valuable to hackers looking to get …

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6 Ways Cloud-Based Computing Helps Small Businesses Succeed

We live in an age of constant connectivity, with many business operations migrating to the digital, always-online landscape. Unlike the old days when physically storing files and having more space was a must, today we have the luxury of cloud-based backups, file servers, VoIP networks and much more. Today, let’s take a closer look at …

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How Managed Services Can Improve Office Efficiency

Small business owners face many challenges when it comes to efficiency and keeping expenses manageable due to their limited resources. Since it is usually impossible to hire enough professionals to manage each segment of a small business due to the employer contributions on payroll as well as the salaries, managed services are becoming a popular …

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How Strong Are Your Passwords?

As you may have read in the news, thousands of passwords worldwide have been hacked, leaving sensitive information vulnerable to theft. Hackers are becoming more proficient at creating programs designed to run dictionary words and common combinations against passwords; they can scan through thousands in just minutes. In order to protect your sensitive information from …

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