File Encryption: How Can I Protect My Data?

File Encryption: How Can I Protect My Data?

When it comes to systems security, there are many layers of protection that should be incorporated to protect your company’s data. One of these protective measures is to employ file encryption. File encryption is used to stop valuable information from being accessed by anyone without the correct encryption certificate and password. It is often used for financial data, sensitive emailings and personal information.

File encryption at its most base level is a “secret code” generated by the program you use to turn your data into an unreadable file. Encryption tools use complex algorithms to create codes that are near impossible to decipher without the appropriate key or password used to protect the data. One tip from newport website design — While encryption is an important step to protecting your data from both users of your computer and while sending and receiving files in the cloud, on its own it is not 100 percent guaranteed not to fail. Your IT support can review your systems security protocols with you to ensure you employ all methods to protect your vital information.

There are four basic forms of encryption that are used for protection:

1. File/Folder Encryption

The encryption utility is used as the name suggests. It will encrypt folders or individual files selected by the user.

2. Whole Disk Encryption

Usually used on portable devices such as memory sticks, external drives and laptops to render them useless if stolen, whole disk encryption will now allow anyone to use the device without the password that unlocks the encryption key.

3. Virtual Drive Encryption

This form stores and encrypts data in “containers”. Rather than encrypting the entire computer system, only specified volumes of data are stored. This allows the stored information to be transferred to USB or CD, etc. and maintain the encryption until the key is used to access the data.

4.Cloud Encryption

This form of encryption works behind the scenes to encrypt data you send and receive from cloud based solutions. This protects your information from being hacked into while it is in transit.

It can be difficult and somewhat confusing to determine what form of encryption is best to protect your data. Revolution Networks can assess your systems security and create you a plan that will simplify the process while providing the maximum security for your valuable business data. Contact us today to learn more.

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