How Managed Services Can Improve Office Efficiency

How Managed Services Can Improve Office Efficiency

Small business owners face many challenges when it comes to efficiency and keeping expenses manageable due to their limited resources. Since it is usually impossible to hire enough professionals to manage each segment of a small business due to the employer contributions on payroll as well as the salaries, managed services are becoming a popular means of having access to the necessary knowledge and experience required at manageable contract rates.

Managed IT services are an area of particular importance to small business owners. Although information technology resources are the mainstay of most businesses these days, hiring a full-time professional that specializes in IT is just not feasible for most small business owners. Managed IT services offer fast and reliable help for a pre-set monthly fee.

Aside from maintaining computer and phone systems that are fast and reliable, managed services for IT also enables you and your employees the ability to access data remotely which is crucial when you and your employees are on the move. This may also enable you to employ remote workers which can be substantially less expensive than hiring full-time on site workers.

Collaboration between employees, clients and suppliers through video, voice and data makes project management and communication much easier and drastically reduces the need to travel to accomplish many tasks. Depending on the nature of your business the savings in travel costs alone can cover the cost of your managed services.

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) telephone systems can ensure you and your employees are reachable not only when in the office but also while you are away. Missed calls are responsible for lost revenues, delays and missed opportunities for your business. Using a VoIP system allows customers and suppliers to reach the contact they require on their wireless devices as well as at the office resulting in greater sales and fewer costly delays.

Managed IT services also provide the opportunity for you to plan ahead for your hardware requirements. Your service provider can review your IT infrastructure and ensure it is capable of handling your business needs and make recommendations that can save you time and money in downtime due to hardware issues.

Revolution Networks provides managed services designed to let you focus on running your business rather than trying to maintain or repair your IT needs. Contact us today to review your situation and develop a strategy that will fit your business.

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