4 Ways to Maximize Office 365 Effectiveness

4 Ways to Maximize Office 365 Effectiveness

Microsoft Office 365 is a digital Swiss army knife for SMBs and large enterprises alike. Powerful and intuitive, it provides users with a host of applications that aim to streamline their tasks and produce high-quality work. However, there’s more to O365 than you might think. Here are five ways you can maximize the effectiveness of this suite of applications and get the most out of it.

Help everyone get on the same page. Literally.

Collaboration is key in many workplaces, and that’s going to include a lot of revisiting content and making changes. So instead of sending updated attachments via email to one another and waiting for replies, why not simplify those little edits and tweaks? O365 allows for real-time mobile and desktop-based co-authoring of documents through Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel web apps. You can now even Skype with co-workers while collaborating, without losing any changes.

Bypass permission-based nightmares.

Edit permissions can be an absolute pain. If you use a business edition of O365, however, you can easily make permission headaches a thing of the past. Using the cloud-based Outlook web app, link files to your cloud instead of attaching them. Anybody messaged with the link will be automatically granted edit permission, eliminating any headaches. These permissions can be adjusted at any time.

Be an office wizard and dual-wield those drives.

You can easily toggle between personal and corporate Microsoft cloud storage (OneDrive and OneDrive for Business, respectively) by simply using the OneDrive app for mobile devices. It’s never been easier to manage your files on the go, and will allow for increased productivity and efficiency.

Put that pile of notes to use.

Don’t just hammer out a bunch of notes that end up being buried and forgotten. Instead, consult Microsoft OneNote for your info-jotting needs. When writing lists or notes in the app, you can easily add details such as update information, dates, locations, and event attendee information, which all can convert to reminders, deadlines and tasks that will provide alerts. Email the notes to staff using the “Email Page” button and you’re good to go.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks available at your disposal through O365. Whether you’ve known about the ones we’ve listed or have some workarounds of your own, you’d be hard-pressed to deny how powerful this suite of apps really is. Revolution Networks offers full-service deployments and migrations of Microsoft Office 365 to businesses large and small in Ottawa and throughout the National Capital Region. Contact us today and discover Office for the modern workplace.

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