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4 Ways to Maximize Office 365 Effectiveness

4 Ways to Maximize Office 365 Effectiveness

Microsoft Office 365 is a digital Swiss army knife for SMBs and large enterprises alike. Powerful and intuitive, it provides users with a host of applications that aim to streamline their tasks and produce high-quality work. However, there’s more to O365 than you might think. Here are five ways you can maximize the effectiveness of this suite of applications and get the most out of it.

Help everyone get on the same page. Literally.

Collaboration is key in many workplaces, and that’s going to include a lot of revisiting content and making changes. So instead of sending updated attachments via email to one another and waiting for replies, why not simplify those little edits and tweaks? O365 allows for real-time mobile and desktop-based co-authoring of documents through Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel web apps. You can now even Skype with co-workers while collaborating, without losing any changes.

Bypass permission-based nightmares.

Edit permissions can be an absolute pain. If you use a business edition of O365,

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The Top 6 Ways Microsoft 365 is Increasing Productivity

In today’s fast-paced business world, flexibility and adaptability are tantamount to your success. Regular business hours have become almost non-existent due to mobile technology. Employees now travel the world with a variety of devices that are used to complete tasks and carry out business duties. Maintaining productivity can be very difficult without the right platform for you and your employees to work with.

According to a report compiled by BCG Systems Inc., Microsoft Office 365 has become the platform for businesses to remain competitive and meet high demand in our fast-paced world. Here are the top six ways Microsoft 365 is increasing productivity:


Microsoft 365 allows you and your employees to access company email, documents, calendars and contacts from anywhere, anytime allowing for immediate response for time-sensitive business concerns. Seamlessly operable on most mobile devices, tablets, PC and MAC computers, this Office edition eliminates the need to search for Wi-Fi hot spots while you are on the move and ensures productivity can be achieved at all times.