4 Signs your Computer has a Viral Infection

4 Signs your Computer has a Viral Infection

In today’s always-online society, viruses are commonplace. Everything from Twitter to CBC News comment sections can be hiding a nasty surprise in plain sight, and countless people fall victim to computer infections every year. When an unsuspecting employee downloads a virus, the consequences for the network can be devastating. While it’s impossible to guarantee absolute immunity to all the risks out there, here are a few signs that your system has an unwelcome visitor.

Unexpected toolbar additions and strange browser tweaks.

Strange new additions to your browser such as plugins, toolbar additions, and tweaks to your settings that you didn’t make are dead giveaways. Also, be wary of browser home page changes and odd pop-up messages that make little to no sense to you. Avoid websites filled to the brim with copy-pasted clickbait and dozens of ads. Public file-sharing sites are a huge no-no as well.

You’re using an anti-antiviral system.

It goes without saying that viruses are engineered to bypass antiviral programs such as Norton 360 as best as possible,