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what makes a dependable network support company

What Makes a Dependable Network Support Company

Here are a few qualities to look for in a dependable network support company:


You will meet with several companies and all of them will have a good spiel about their services. But what stands out in a network support company is commitment. Without commitment to your business you will not be able to depend on them to be there when you need them. Companies should focus on helping your business grow with easy-to-use technology that will provide your team with the tools they need to flourish.


You are looking for a support team that will allow you to focus on your business while they focus on your network. That means you need a network support company with the knowledge that will not only get you started but that will grow with you and continue to provide the input you need to stay on top.

Cost Savings

An efficient network should result in significant cost savings for your business.

why a restaurant needs a proper network

Why a Restaurant Needs a Proper Network

Who set up your restaurant’s network? If you said your brother or the cook, you are not alone. Many restaurant owners know they need a network to function in today’s world. But, instead of having the network set-up  by professionals, they decide to find someone with a bit of knowledge to get the network up and running. It may be working, but that is not the best solution for any restaurant.

Here are four reasons to have your restaurant’s network installed by experts:


If you accept credit cards, you need a network that has certain security protocols in place. Your customers are relying on you to keep their financial information secure. You could be open to legal liability if someone gets that sensitive information from your unsecured network. The same goes for other sensitive information you send across your network or keep on your computers.


Is your network down half the time? Today,

choices in network support

Choices in Network Support

Non-profit organizations need to be very selective with the folks whom they hire to do their good work. Positions are streamlined and sometimes many folks wear many different hats. Network Support will be needed but being able to hire a computer technician may not be feasible. Small businesses or non-profit organizations will most likely have to outsource their network support and there are several ways to do that that is more economically sound.

Hiring a technician from off-site to come to the building is still the most popular choice. Having a trained professional in the building to answer questions and listen to what the problem is, is simply easier.

Remote desktop support is also one of the fastest ways for someone to provide IT assistance and network support to a smaller organization. The person doesn’t physically have to be in the building, which can make for a faster response time.

Another option is ph support; however, for many companies this way is just too time-consuming.