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Do You Need Tech Support as a Small Business? 

Do You Need Tech Support as a Small Business?

If you operate a small business, every dollar needs to go a long way. What do you get for your investment? Are there technical roadblocks that you can’t afford to tackle with a dedicated internal IT team? In order to remain efficient, cost-effective, and scalable, you need a solution that won’t break the bank and makes life better for everyday reliability.

Enter tech support for small businesses, a dedicated suite of services designed to help you make short work of software issues, security or compliance risks, and otherwise. Today, let’s explore whether your business can make use of this option and how.

What is Tech Support?

Tech support is leveraging IT technician insights for hassle-free, streamlined troubleshooting. This is an essential service for many businesses, as guesswork rarely does users any favours when attempting to address hardware or software issues on their own with limited insights. With the help of an experienced and knowledgeable IT professional, everything from cyber threats to software bugs can be taken care of in a timelier, more effective manner. You can also leverage tech support’s insights to tweak internal policies and operating standards to make them more digitally secure. 

Why Does a Small Business Need Tech Support Services?

Perhaps you need a hand with setting up a dedicated intranet for internal, secure access to sensitive files via a portal system. Or maybe you’re having a hard time with remote deployments and could use help with managing cloud-based systems. Regardless, small businesses depend on tech support for a variety of reasons. These include the following and more:

  • Reduce process bloat when it comes to the use of hardware and software
  • Streamline operations to ensure that technology can scale with company growth
  • Maintain operational compliance and encrypted, secure networking
  • Safeguard and secure sensitive company files and other data
  • Improve productivity, employee satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness
  • Reduce barriers to individual performance, maximizing the potential of staff

What Types of Services Can an IT Company Help with?

Depending on the specific service provider, you may be able to take advantage of the following options:

Remote Diagnostics and Support

Scanning systems remotely, applying updates, bug-fixing, and other general troubleshooting can be done virtually with ease nowadays. This is largely thanks to cloud connectivity, and many problems faced by small businesses stem from software issues rather than hardware.

Risk Assessments

Are you running outdated hardware or software? If so, you’re leaving your team members and operations open to cyber threats, less-than-ideal efficiency, and compounded stress. Tech support can perform risk assessments by scanning systems and informing you on what security flaws need to be addressed and how.

Smarter Innovations

Some IT service providers have special relationships with partner vendors, including software companies. This means that you may be able to take advantage of the latest innovations for less, all installed and managed by the IT experts who know them best. Such services can be found in round-the-clock (managed) and basic hourly formats. 


Depending on who you hire, your tech support team may be capable and willing to pass along what they know. This makes it easier to create internal processes and bring your team up to speed on new standards or technologies to be used within your company or elsewhere. 

Onsite Assistance

Of course, sometimes, the need arises to perform standard manual labour. This can involve everything from network wiring (or rewiring) to setting up computers, installing software onsite, troubleshooting faulty components, and much more. 

Telephone Support

If you need help and feel that the problem can be handled over a quick phone call, ring up your tech support team of choice to connect with one of their IT experts. They’ll walk you through all the steps to ensure that your issue is resolved efficiently with no internal IT team required. 

Extended Support

A combination of remote and onsite assistance, extended support is the process of resolving complex issues that require pinpoint accuracy. For this reason, the tech support team in question may be mobilized for an onsite visit, or their physical presence may be combined with virtual solutions. Extended support is generally customized to suit the specific needs and budget of the client.

Consultations and Audits

Security and performance findings can prove useful in identifying areas of improvement within your small business from a technical standpoint. Alternatively, consultations with a tech support service provider can be arranged to discuss your operational needs and the solutions that would be most suitable. Talking to these experienced professionals about the systems and processes required for your operations can help them determine appropriate next steps. 

The Bottom Line

Every business needs to operate securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. These three are only made possible by keeping on top of your technology to ensure it remains protected from internal and external threats, complies with governing guidelines or regulations, and makes it easier for employees to get things done. Remaining proactive is a key part of this, as is knowing when to make specific changes to how you operate in terms of processes, tools used, and much more.

Tech support can help you in various areas, minimizing guesswork and maximizing company-wide potential. Whether you only need to hop on a phone call to resolve a particular issue or call in the experts for a system overhaul, outsourcing to friendly, experienced, and well-regarded IT service providers can save time, money, and stress.

Are you in need of remote, onsite, or hybrid support for your small business? We’re happy to help here at Revolution Networks. Feel free to connect with our team for tech support that you can always count on. We offer a wide array of solutions, including cloud services, IT consulting, and onsite assistance. Contact us today to request a free consultation.

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