Neil Witts, Author at RevNet

4 Signs your Computer has a Viral Infection

In today’s always-online society, viruses are commonplace. Everything from Twitter to CBC News comment sections can be hiding a nasty surprise in plain sight, and countless people fall victim to computer infections every year. When an unsuspecting employee downloads a virus, the consequences for the network can be devastating. While it’s impossible to guarantee absolute …

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Why Are Cloud Based Solutions So Popular?

At one time, cloud based computing seemed to be something unfathomable or not at all safe for a business owner to consider. According to experts, businesses will spend greater than 40 percent more on cloud computing services in 2015 over the roughly 100 billion dollars spent in 2014. Considering how quickly the industry is growing, …

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How Managed Services Reduces Your IT Expenditures

Keeping your company’s operational expenses manageable is challenging at the best of times, and with today’s focus on everything digital your IT expenses can easily become bigger than your budget. There are ways to reduce IT expenditures significantly through careful planning, however, simply cutting costs isn’t necessarily the best method. It’s getting the best “bang …

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Protecting Your Computer from Viruses

With hackers and programmers becoming more proficient with creating viruses and trojans that can cause millions of dollars in damages, it is more important than ever to ensure your systems security is top-notch and your computer is protected from viruses. While it used to be limited to the challenge of destroying operating systems or wreaking havoc, cyber-crime …

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The Top 6 Ways Microsoft 365 is Increasing Productivity

In today’s fast-paced business world, flexibility and adaptability are tantamount to your success. Regular business hours have become almost non-existent due to mobile technology. Employees now travel the world with a variety of devices that are used to complete tasks and carry out business duties. Maintaining productivity can be very difficult without the right platform …

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6 Ways Having a Reliable IT Company Can Save Your Business

Most businesses cannot survive without I.T. support. If you are working without the expertise of an I.T. support team you are wasting valuable time and money. Here are six reasons you need a reliable I.T. company to save your business: Customer Service When something goes wrong (and something always seems to go wrong) you are …

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