Why Are Cloud Based Solutions So Popular?

Why Are Cloud Based Solutions So Popular?

At one time, cloud based computing seemed to be something unfathomable or not at all safe for a business owner to consider. According to experts, businesses will spend greater than 40 percent more on cloud computing services in 2015 over the roughly 100 billion dollars spent in 2014. Considering how quickly the industry is growing, one has to wonder why are cloud based solutions so popular?


Perhaps the most important facet of cloud computing for business owners is the ability to scale cloud solutions to the requirements of their operations. When business is at a low point and less storage is required, it is not necessary to maintain a large capacity for storage in the event that business grows or increases rapidly. As a business grows, the need for a large cash outlay for computer infrastructure to handle the growth is also redundant since you can easily increase the number of users, the amount of storage and other requirements through your cloud service provider.

Increased Production and Flexibility

The traditional office environment is quickly becoming redundant as cloud based solutions offer the flexibility to work from anywhere there is access to an Internet connection. Collaboration capabilities allow for increased productivity regardless of where your employees are at any given time. Even while away from the office, customers can be contacted, materials can be expedited and projects updated, meaning your business remains productive.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster such as a fire or flood, or hardware failure, your business can be back up and running within a couple of hours with no data loss. Computing in the cloud adds an extra layer of protection so regardless of what happens at your place of business, once you have access to the Internet, you have access to your business as before. Once you have your hardware re-assembled, your data can be imported and you will back running as efficiently as before the disaster struck.

The Bottom Line

As business owners, we steadily strive to improve the bottom line. Cloud based solutions are perhaps the best improvement you can make that will directly affect your bottom line. From increased productivity, no capital expenditures and the ability to access global talent for your business, there are infinite ways to increase your profits by computing in the cloud.

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