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5 Common Web Attacks to Watch Out For

5 Common Web Attacks to Watch Out For

With such a large portion of business being conducted over the Internet and the use of such a wide variety of technology to do so, web attacks are becoming commonplace. Many attacks have become sophisticated enough that they are virtually undetectable by the average user. The following are five examples of common Web attacks being found by IT support professionals.

Invisible Frames

Commonly called “clickjacking” or “likejacking”, hackers design an invisible frame that takes the end user’s mouse action to allow installation of malware. Some instances use a spyware protection window that suggests the user “click here” to remove detected threats or the malware can be buried in a social post, such as a video on Facebook for which users click the “like” button.

Drive By Downloads

This form of Web attack is more dangerous than most because it does not require any action on behalf of the user for it to occur. Often hidden within respectable sites, hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities within the Web to insert malicious code which is then launched due to vulnerabilities in the browser software being used.

Social Networking Exploits

Despite the success of social networking for marketing purposes, this practice can also open up vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. Whether the attacks are engineered to target individuals within your organization or to target your followers, they can have disastrous consequences. Your IT support team can help reduce the likelihood of such attacks.

Third Party Apps

Such attacks are rapidly increasing due largely to the variety of devices employees use to access their work via the Web. Third party apps are very common means for users to streamline work processes, create calendars and more. Hackers are disguising malicious software within third party apps and employees are unwittingly downloading them and risking company data.

Malicious Ads

Known as “malvertising”, hackers embed malicious code on ad-driven Websites without the site owner’s knowledge and malware is transferred to the end user’s system through browser vulnerabilities, much like the drive-by download attack.

Having appropriate IT support is paramount not only for your internal infrastructure, it is also vital for creating adequate security protocol for all mobile devices that access your business data. Revolution Networks can provide your Ottawa area business the IT support you need to keep your data protected. Contact us to learn more.

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