things to look for in a network cabling company

6 Things to Look for in a Network Cabling Company

Whether your small business has expanded enough to warrant network cabling or you have a move to make and need someone to assist with your network cabling, finding a company can be a challenge. With so many companies to choose from, the following skills will help you narrow things down a little.

Levels of Experience

You want to have a network cabling company that has varying levels of experience with moves, to start-ups; from small companies to large corporations. Dependability stems from vast experience; although a focus on service is important, experience is what will be at the heart of a well-planned installation.


Every moment your system is down is time away from the clients, productivity, and administration required to manage your business. You want to know that the company you hire will be working as efficiently as possible to detail each stage of the networking. This may help to ensure that the job is done with logical steps so your team knows what is required of them prior to the move or set up.


What are Managed Services?

Developing technology means ever-expanding options, time-saving solutions and new cost efficiencies for your business.  Unfortunately, as that technology becomes more complex, it also requires more skilled personnel to keep it in good running order.  Once you become dependent on technology, you can’t afford glitches or downtime. It is critical that you have the right people maintaining your network, monitoring your systems and securing your data.  For many companies, managed services offer an affordable and reliable means of keeping their systems running smoothly.

Understanding Managed Services

Managed services refers to a system by which you hire an outside IT company to handle specific aspects of your technological upkeep, such as network monitoring, maintenance, data back-up and security updates.  When you rely on in-house staff or an hourly outside consultant, you generally have two options: pay high prices just in case something goes wrong, or risk extended downtime when a problem occurs.

Managed services typically operate on a subscription basis, with different tiers available to suit the needs of different businesses. 

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Solid Computer Support

Any company that employs several people probably has a computer network and understands the importance of that network. If your company’s network should fail, you would undoubtedly be left with some major complications to iron out. A problem like this can cost a fortune to repair, not to mention the lost time and the effort that goes into fixing the issue. Today’s marketplace is built entirely on individual company brands. Your reputation is how people in the marketplace perceive you. A simple mistake can cause you to lose your entire reputation. Be sure to avoid these mistakes by implementing the best IT services in the industry. In the event of a failure, you need to be sure that you have reliable computer support. You will need a dependable, knowledgeable company to serve you and your employees.

Trustworthy computer support will make your business an ideal choice for prospective clients. If you have a spotless track record with previous clients, then it is very likely that potential customers will be aware of this fact and hold you to it.