How to Properly Provide Your Customers with Safe Wifi

How to Properly Provide Your Customers with Safe Wifi

At any given time you can look around at people and find many are using their smartphones or tablets to access the internet and message their friends. When users are not connected to a wireless hotspot, they use their data portion of their wireless plan. If you offer free WiFi access at your place of business you have the opportunity to provide a value-added service for your current customers, and a draw to attract new ones.

Another benefit to offering free WiFi to your customers is having the potential to build a database to use for marketing purposes. Customers have to log in and provide simple information such as their names, ages, genders and email addresses the first time they use WiFi services from your place of business. You can provide an option for them to opt in to receive future contact from you which will allow you to connect with them personally and send them newsletters or promotional emails to encourage them to return to your business.

Systems security is a vital component to creating a WiFi hotspot for your customers. If you simply allow them access to your main internet connection you will leave yourself open to being hacked or having valuable business data stolen or compromised. Although it is possible to set up a protected wireless access point that is separate from your main internet connection it is far safer in terms of systems security to have a professional set it up for you.

Contracting Revolution Networks to set up your business WiFi hotspot gives you several advantages over trying to do it yourself. As experts in systems security you can be sure your business and other vital information is protected from cyber-attacks and we will evaluate your current setup and equipment so we can develop a plan that works for you. We can help you set up the log on protocols to collect marketing data from your customers and train you and your staff how to get your customers connected.

Provide a value-added service and increase your customer base by offering free WiFi access from your place of business. Contact Revolution Networks today if you have any questions or wish to book a consultation.

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