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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer System

5 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer System

Regardless whether you operate a small or large business, having a computer system that is reliable, efficient, and fast is essential in order to keep pace in the modern always-online world we live and work in. There are many ways you can speed up your system that are cost-effective, proven to work, and utilized by many businesses and individuals. Here are five ways you can get your system to perform better than ever before.


Uninstall Unused Programs

If you have applications on your computer that have been sitting there unused for months, chances are you won’t need to use them again for some time. Many users don’t consider this, but even if a program isn’t in use, it still secretly functions in order to receive online updates, scan files and perform other background tasks. This means that if you have a multitude of programs installed that are going unused, they’re taking a collectively large bite out of your system’s performance. Uninstall what you don’t use, and should you need it again then install it temporarily.


Automatically Delete Temporary Files

Have you used Microsoft Word a lot recently, closed and reopened it to find a bunch of “auto-recovered” files in a pane to the left? Well, that pane is telling you that your system is going to be a pain to use if you don’t address these files, which are known as temporary files. Go through your system documents and delete every single one of these on a regular basis (ensuring that you back up crucial information that can’t be replaced, of course). To do this on Windows, open “My Computer” and select your local drive, which is typically C:\ Drive. Then, select the “Windows” folder, followed by the “Temp” folder inside. Now, use your mouse to right-click on the folder and in “View” under options, select “Details.” Select all the files that are older than your current date, and press delete. Be sure to empty your recycle bin afterward as well.


Install a Solid-State Drive

With no moving parts inside and an infinitely faster data processing rate, solid-state drives truly are the way of the future. Nearly every modern device includes one as standard, though there are exceptions. Otherwise known as flash storage, it allows you to access files, use applications and operate your system with quicker response and opening rates. When accompanied with a RAM upgrade, you can expect a huge return on performance and your valuable time.


Run Disk Defragmentation and Disk Clean-Up

It might sound like something your father the “computer expert” would tell you to do while hunkered over an IBM PC from 1998, but running your system’s included disk defragmentation and disk clean-up utilities is still a viable solution to slow down even today. A disk defragmenter is an easy-to-implement tool that will reconfigure how your hard drive stores information, which allows for maximum efficiency. Disk clean-up is a vanilla Windows tool (vanilla meaning included with every system out there). It searches your system for unnecessarily large files and removes them upon request.


Give Your Computer a Static IP Address

A trick that produces effective results in most cases, giving your system a static IP address helps to reduce loading times. This is because your system spends time asking the network for an IP address, which can both be mitigated by running in energy saver (sleep) mode and using a static IP. As a bonus, this will also help make your network easier to manage, especially if you have multiple devices on it.

When it comes down to it, your computer system’s speed is partly influenced by your actions and decisions, as well as its included hardware and software. If you need assistance with speeding up one or a network of systems, contact us at Revolution Networks today to see how we can make things more efficient for you.

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