Cut I.T. Costs with an I.T. Support Plan

Cut I.T. Costs with an I.T. Support Plan

Having an I.T. support plan may sound expensive but it can actually save you money.  If you are worried I.T. support only comes in one size fits all options, think again.  I.T. support is a booming business full of customized, affordable solutions.

Custom Plans

Customized I.T. support plans offer you the exact services you require. You can work with a team as big or small as you require and you can opt for 24/7 support at far more affordable prices than you would have to pay full-time staff.

Your Only In-house Option

The only way you can ensure your in-house support team is working, would be to have 24-7 scheduling, to avoid real emergencies when they arise.  A support plan includes proactive services to help you avoid emergencies and down time that eats into your staff’s wages and keeps you from being in constant contact with clients.

Emergency I.T. Stash

Without a support plan you really have to consider putting away a little (or a lot) of cash.  I.T. emergencies can appear at any time and be caused by a number of unforeseeable circumstances including devastating viruses, security breaches, and electrical malfunctions.  Any of these scenarios could cost you a fortune without a support plan to protect you. Instead you can pay monthly fees that will keep you covered no matter what may happen.

Ultimate Back-up

When you have a support plan you can depend on it.  They can provide a wide list of services including:

– Data backup and recovery services

– On-site IT services

– Network administration

– Managed antivirus software

– Firewall monitoring

Predictable Budgeting

With a support plan you will usually pay a predictable monthly fee that can often be adjusted if you are not taking full advantage of the original services.  You will be paying for the services you need to help you avoid costly down time as well as to protect you from unwanted server crashes.

Adding an I.T. support plan to your budget will save you costly fees down the road and give you peace of mind that when something goes wrong you are completely covered.  Think of it as I.T. insurance.

Revolution Networks

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