When the Demands of the Extended Enterprise Surface

About 15 years ago, the corporate world was buzzing about the “extended enterprise.” The “extended enterprise,” which grew concurrently with the rise of IT outsourcing, expanded the traditional idea of the corporate network to include suppliers, vendors, and partners. No longer was the typical corporate network relegated to the “four walls” of the enterprise. Rather, the network morphed into a sprawling, ever-changing ecosystem consisting of various partners, intranets, and telecommuters – and with it, an incredible amount of complexity and security risk.

Large corporations generally had the resources to build out these enormous networks and the supplemental needs that came with it: identity management software, security tools, and cloud-based capabilities. But now the demands of the extended enterprise are revealing themselves to smaller companies as well. The typical small IT shop now finds itself working with dozens of partners and vendors, yet they often lack the time and network design/build capabilities to manage an efficient and secure network.

As any network administrator knows, without a coordinated, well-documented, and efficient network, the business suffers. Let our network engineering and integration experts help your network transform itself into an extended enterprise.

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